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Cherine A.
Coconut Creek, FL
I have often driven by this cute little shop, but never had the opportunity to stop by until recently. Upon seeing the horse and buggy on the window, my mom and I had a strong feeling she was from Pennsylvania, and we were right! In fact, Jan told us she gets her chocolate from one chocolate factory up there. She puts a lot of love into her creations, and it shows.

We spent far too long in there, gazing at the many varieties of chocolate in the display cases. Jan offered us plenty of samples, saying she said she wanted us to make sure we liked the chocolates before we bought them. I wondered how she made a profit after being so generous! I spent about $15 on chocolates in there, which was quite reasonable considering all I bought. Another thing I like about her treats - the chocolate is very rich, so you can't eat a ton of them in one sitting. I bought two of the s'mores bars, and it took me several attempts to finish just one of them. She also has quite a large section of sugar-free chocolates, for those interested.

Clint U.
Washington, DC
If you have a gift list that includes candy, do the following:

1.  Scratch off the top candy places on your list....Godiva, See's, etc.
2.  Replace with Jan's Homemade Candies.

One of the pleasures of travelling (at least for me) is to stumble upon without any prior knowledge,  a great new eating place.   Jan's is one of those places.

In one word, this is a SPECTACULAR candy shop.   It's not like a Godiva shop where there is more marble, glass and crystal than candy, but a very neat and clean small shop with display cases tiered and filled to the brim with a different candy every linear foot of candy display space.   I would guess there were close to 100 different kinds of candy.   All are handmade.  Each piece is a work of art.  Many of her best creations are not advertised on the website because her production is limited and is usually bought up by the local traffic.  If you want a truely unique box of chocolates, call her up and tell her what you want.   

Visually her candy is just exquisite.  Some look like polished colored marble, some like real crab apples...others has the Kermit the Frog look, or a turtle....or a bear claw.

Taste wise, it is more on the adult side.....that is more chocolate flavor than sweet.    Flavorings range from fruits to flower scents (lavender, jasmine).   What are more pronounced are her flavors and bittersweet chocolate not masked by alot of sweetness.  So if you like that traditional, real sweet chocolates stick  to See's.   If you like to have a bite to your chocolate, you will love Jan's.

After visiting her website I discovered she has been featured on the Food Network.   Even with her fame, she was a gracious host like I was her very first customer.  Probably because the hurricane was coming and most people were off the streets and it was past summer vacation...  As she filled my two boxes with her favorite flavors (I asked her to do that), she kept handing me another sample to try as we talked about nearly every flavor in the three large display cases.  I probably had a 1/4 box of chocolates during our conversation....

Everyone has different tastes for candy and the many great candy establishments I have tasted each have their own unique merits.   But if you are looking for a great candy with artistic and visual appeal for a gift or treat for yourself, Jan's Handmade Candies wins hands far.

Jim G.
Pompano Beach, FL
This is what a REAL chocolate shop should look  like and taste like!  Wow, Jan does and outstanding job of quality and presentation.  yummmm

Edward P.
Pompano Beach, FL
Consistently outstanding products that are well made and unique.  The shop is spotless and the staff is very friendly and helpful.  Best candy store in Ft Lauderdale.

Ian H.
Delray Beach, FL
Not only is the chocolate, fudge, and various treats out of this world, but Jan herself serves you, makes up all the goodies herself, and gives you a warm dose of Southern hospitality.  I've been going to Jan's for years and PROMISE you will not be disappointed!

Scott P.
York, PA
I was on a training trip with my swim team down in Florida, looking around for something good to eat, when I stumbled across this shop.  I went inside, met Jan, and had some chocolates.  That's the short version of the story.

The service I was given was something that I have not ever experienced anywhere else.  Jan was kind, sweet, and more than willing to let us sample...well, anything we asked if we could sample.  I can say that to this day, I have never experienced the same service in any other store anywhere in the entire world.  It is simply something that does not exist, except for here. 

Now, service does not make a store.  Fortunately, the chocolate was absolutely out of this world.  I have never experienced anything as delicious as the chocolate I was allowed to sample and eventually purchased (and that's saying something; I live 20 minutes from Hershey). 

I immediately brought back the entire swim team, and to this day the very mention of Jan brings a smile to all of our faces.   She has left an impact on our entire team, in only the most positive way. 

I have since ordered from Jan twice (once for valentine's day, once for a graduation present), and she has been more than kind enough to deliver all the way up to Pennsylvania. 

The final line?  If you think you know good chocolate but haven't been to Jan's, then you quite simply don't know good chocolate.  An absolute must for anyone in the area.

Jessica A.
Boynton Beach, FL
Jan's is the greatest!  I was out of town at training for work  and had to pick up some really nice chocolate for work the next morning.  I didn't get in until after hours Saturday night and had to leave Sunday morning. I called ahead and she stayed open since she was making her Berry Healthy Bark (amazing). 

She totally saved me with work and when I got there she had me try different things.  Everything was wonderful.  I ate the Berry Bark  for the next three days!!!

She also has a file where you can leave your preferences and important dates and she'll call you to remind you, I'm leaving my fiance's contact info with her.

In short, the chocolate is amazing and Jan is darling.  You have to stop by, forget Godiva or Kilwin's this is it!

Nina, Wedding
Jan's candies are the greatest!  And you couldn't do business with a better woman.  WOW, she is as sweet as her candies--truly.  We walked in her shop and didn't leave for two hours--that was just the first time.  She is so talented.  her chocolates are delicious and she can make any thing out of chocolate.  I hired her to make chocolate seashells for my wedding cake since I wanted it to be entirely edible.  She made a m ix of white and milk chocolate and then incorporated my wedding colors on the cake.  They were like little pieces of art!  They made my cake look marvelous.  Everytime I go to South Florida I am going to go visit and buy chocolate.  THANKS SO MUCH JAN!!

joulb3 on
The owners are the nicest people imaginable! We were visiting from Vermont and got to talking to the owner and she even let us print our plane tickets out on the stores computer! We left with the most amazing salt water taffy and had it all eaten by the time we arrived back in Vermont the following day :-)

Joanne G
Best Chocolates! Treat yourself to Jan's!

A vacation is remembered not just for the main intent of the trip but also for all the side experiences such as traffic or how friendly people were on the streets and in the restaurants and shops. A beach vacation, for instance, could pretty much be the same anywhere as far as enjoying sun and water. Shops like Jan's are one of those little details that make a trip to a certain area unique. The chocolates are excellent and are like little pieces of art. The owner, Jan, makes you feel instantly like an old friend, not just another customer. You go in and just feel like staying-service that reminds you of the good old days that you don't always find anymore. It's experiences in places like this that make you want to return to this area over the hundred of other choices available.

Robert Ferguson, FL INSIDER
Jan's Homemade Candies is a little shop located in Lauderdale by the Sea about a block from the beach. If you are ever fortunate enough to sample any of her creations, you will become a customer for life. Her chocolate creations are simply exquisite.  All of the candy sold at Jan's Homemade Candies is handmade. Unique chocolate creations are abundant as you enter the shop. As you gaze through the glass display cases, classic creams, peanut butter, crispy rice, triple-dipped malted milk balls, and assorted nut clusters are just a few of the heavenly creations enticing your sweet tooth. 

Enter Jan's at your own risk; the staff is more than generous when handing out samples. It might be a good idea to loosen up that belt a notch or two when visiting this candy paradise.

Jan's Homemade Candies is located at 4327 North Ocean Drive, Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida. Their chocolates are available online and can be shipped just about anywhere for those of you not fortunate enough to live in this beautiful city. If you have a special request, give them a call at 954-202-9495. They really go out of their way when it comes to making special custom ordered creations for their customers.

Kristen & Donald, Florida
Good morning Jan & Bob of the most lucious candies ever!
My fiancé, Donald, and I stopped into your store last night for the first time. What a delight! Aside from the fact that I tried to put every candy into a box to take home with us after dinner; I wanted to tell you both how taken we were with meeting you two. Donald and I both commented on not only the greatness of the store, but the genuineness of you both. The look on your face, Jan, when you described your creations was reminiscent of a young child on Christmas morning. That is what made us want to try everything! I went to your website this morning and read your "about us" section, and cried. You talk about family values and intimate memories that make me want to walk to your store and sit and listen to you speak; about anything.
Thank you again for taking the risk  to follow your hearts and bring your incredible confections to the rest of the world.
With warm regards,

Kenya H. 
Jan is lovely!

My friends and I stumbled across this gem of a store while on our scrapbooking weekend by the beach.  We needed something sweet to keep us going and went into Jan's.  She greeted us with a smile and was simply lovely.   We received a sample of her delicious chocolate, a tour of her shop and pleasant conversation.  She makes tons of different items out of chocolate, like tools, fruit and sport equipment.  I can't wait to go back to this wonderful little shop!

Symone Mitchell 
I walked into Jan's Homemade Candies and as soon as I opened the door the aroma of chocolate from heaven put a big smile on my face. I was
greeted by Mrs. Jan with open arms and a cheerful smile as if I walked into her home. She let me taste my favorite candy chocolate covered raisins. I had never tasted some with as much flavor and sweetness!! She also let me try her own "BERRY HEALTHY BARK." Who knew chocolate could be sinful and healthy all at the same time!!
I highly recommend this cute candy shop for your sweet tooth and holiday gifts! Thank  you Mrs. Jan for my chocolate experience.

Ian, Wedding
Rather than spend $5 per person on some cheap momento of the wedding that most folks wouldn't bother keeping, we decided to treat our guests with something unusual and appreciated. We went to Jan's Homemade Candies in Lauderdale by the Sea and were not disappointed!! Our wedding theme was renaissance meets Princess and the Frog (long story, but it's "us"). Jan made these little "frogger" candies, which are green chocolate frogs (about 1-1/2 inches wide) filled with peanut butter and a layer of RIce Krispies. They looked great and were super tasty. Bagged with the froggers for the women guests were white chocolate solid princesses, and for the menfolk, milk chocolate solid castles. The ribbon was customized with our names and the date. Everyone loved the chocolates and they were a high end treat that most folds don't buy for themselves. Jan was so friendly and sweet, I've gone back repeatedly just to get more chocolates for family and friends. She make the most amazing flavors of fudge!!

Joyful Reviewer!
Jan is a dear and her sugar free, and other, chocolates were just the ticket when we wanted to satisfy our sweet tooth without reaising our blood sugar to craziness!  She spent quite a bit of time with us...told us, also, about her orange gifts...We CA visitors will go back to see her again!!

Scottsdale, AZ.
Hi Jan & Bob,
It was a pleasure to meet you both and we want you to know that your candy and fudge are incredible!!! Absolutely the most yummy ever, especially the chocolate sea salt variety. WOW!
Janet & Fred

Harvey S., Cleveland OH  
Hi - I just wanted to say that visiting your store yesterday was a
fantastic experience. The generous size of your samples was
unexpected and it was greatly appreciated. My biggest challenge was
deciding how much of your delicious fudge, triple dipped malted milk
balls and chocolate covered raisins to buy - so we bought a lot and
enjoyed it all day long! What a enjoyable experience it was spending
time at your store. Thank you for your delicious desserts and the
kindness you extended to us while we were at your store yesterday. I
can guarantee you we will be back! If you want yummy fudge this is
the place to go! Best, Harvey S Cleveland, Ohio

Andrea P. Ft. Lauderdale, FL.,
The Sweetest little store in the heart of Lauderdale By the Sea.  They carry a large variety of candy, chocolates, and the fudge...TO DIE FOR.  The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable, but when the owner Jan takes care of you, it makes your visit a delight.  They make chocolates for every special occasion there is.  Excellent prices, ideas, and many floavors to pick from.  I really recommend this place if you are in town!

Review from "Trip Advisor" 
Jan's Homemade Candies is an amazing place.  Jan & Bob are amazing people who go above and beyond to please each and every customer.  I live in England and go to South Florida often to visit my mom.  One of my most prized souvenirs to bring back is chocolate covered pretzels.  I have tasted them  in a lot of places so my taste buds for them are refined, lol.  The ones at Jan's are AMAZING and I will be happy returning every time I stop by to pick up my pretzel bundle.  As a surprise, I also bought a few other flavors of chocolate and have NOT been disappointed at all.  I highly recommend Jan's candies not only for their incredible, eatable treats but also because of the warmth you feel as a customer when you walk in to the store.  The only way to explain this place is by saying this place feels like you are coming home. :-)

Winthrop, Maine
“Excellent!!!” *****
Jan makes the best fudge and chocolates ever!! Wonderful little shop with a huge selection within walking distance from the pier and other little shops.

Chari D. 
Fabulous chocolate and very friendly people.

Kasia W., Pompano Beach, FL
I love this place! Every time I go into Jan's Homemade Candies I get that "family" atmosphere! Jan and her staff are always patient and helpful on the days I can't make up my mind. Even when the shop is full I have NEVER felt left out. Please go into Jan's if you are looking for the freshest homemade Fudge and freshest chocolates. Have never seen such a great assortment in one chocolate shop and everything is organized so well so you never get that "overwhelmed" feeling like you get in other chocolate shops. That feeling where you don't know where to start first. One of the best places to go.. 100% completely recommend this store.

Judy F., Plainfield, IL 
Jan's is the go to place if you are looking for a special treat or gift.  The store has every kind of chocolate you can imagine and some that you never would imagine.  Prices, quality, visual appeal and taste will have me ordering on line in the future.  Today I sampled Birthday Cake, Red Velvet, Turtle and Peanut butter/ Chocolate Fudge.  She has the most wonderful varieties of Truffles I have ever seen.  The Orange Cream  was delicious.  Thanks for your hospitality Jan!.

Bob & Charlene B., 
Thanks for sharing with us this morning.  The yummies were beyond ordinary description other than to say...Wow!  Thanks for our chance meeting with an opportunity to enjoy the very best in chcoolates we have ever experienced!

Review  fromTrip Adviser ...

" Off the beaten track - but worth return visits”
5 of 5 stars

We got a lot of Christmas presents and souvenirs here. Jan is very friendly and professional. Free samples too!

Visited December 2013

Kristina, Baltimore, MD  4
Jan makes her candies BY HAND, it's unbelievable. She allowed me to see her kitchen and I almost had an orgasm  from all the yummy chocolates! Plus, I'd like to add, I used to live in the building above her location and I can tell you, I've never seen a store so clean every time I go in there.

Every time we come from the UK we always buy Jan's chocolates to take down the Keys, they are excellent :) the shop is impeccable and so clean, and everything is beautifully displayed product knowledge is great too, my hubby loves the chocolate raisins and Brazils, have still got loads to try. Best chocolate shop by far.
Amazing customer service (called in the am, and they prepared my order for an afternoon arrival), so helpful and the attention to detail makes you feel like you're in a small town far away from S. Fl!! BTW, fudge was perfection

If Jan's doesn't make it, you don't need it!! They have everything a chocolate lover could ever want, and even combinations you have never thought of! Decadant and delicious! This is where I go if I want a truly delightful gift for someone, and to occasionally treat myself.

Roy, Annie, & Katie Givens, Prospect, KY. 
Best chocolate of our lives! Roy, Annie and Katie GIVENS, Prospect, KY. Stop by whenever we are less than 500 miles away! Great shop, great Lady, GREAT CHOCOLATE!

Not only is the chocolate delicious, it's the personal touch that I love! No matter how  busy Jan is when making wonderful sweets, she still takes time to talk  to her customers.

My partner and I were out walking one evening during our trip to Lauderdale by the Sea when we came upon Jan's Candies.  What a place!! We had the intention of buying some candy at the 7/11 a few doors down when we decided to go in to Jan's for a quick look.  Jan offered us FREE samples right away.  We were hooked.  We chose a piece of dark almond bark, a slab of maple walnt fudge (a must for any Canadian), a slab of peanut-butter chocolate fudge, and a small assortment of truffles.
  We only had $20 in our pocket (as we really were only headed to the 7/11) so when our bill came up a few $$ over, Jan, full of grace offered our chosen yummies for what we had in hand.   The chocolates and fudge are truly to-die-for (so prettily packaged in their cute little boxes) and what can one say about Jan?
  A real pleasure to chat with and truly a lovely and gracious woman.  Thanks Jan, You made our day! - a couple of Canadians out for a walk

A Antidormi,
The Best!  This place is the best, hand's down.  The most perfect chocolate store in the area.  I loved it so much I didn't want to leave.  I kept making excuses to buy  more.  Pure pleasure shopping there.  I loved it, and I can't say enough good things.  Thank you.

On their web site, you will read rave after rave about Jan and Bob, their chocolates, and the shop.  It is all true.  I am not a huge lover of fudge, but their fudge (24 flavors) converted me!  I sampled Raspberry, Chocolate/Peanut Butter and Elivs! (chocolate/Banana): I've never had anything like it.  The chocolate/banana and mango truffles were so much fun for your mouth!  The adorable chocolate covered oreo (they have cute shapes on top) was delicious!  The blueberries reminded me of Willy Wonka.  The chocolate/peanut butter cup made it hard to continue the conversation.  As well, their signature chocolates ar all amazing (and so creative.)

 Jan and Bob really  take pride in their craft..and they have SO MUCH FUN sharing it with everyone.  It is very inspiring on many levels.  This place is worth the drive if you are in South Florida.  As well, it is worth ordering (from anytwhere).  I already started telling everyone I know!   So will you.  

Sher Lustig, Glendale, WI, 4
THE BEST! Stopping at Jan's Candy is a must if you are in the Fort Lauderdale area!!.  You will be happy that you did....

Moxies Family,
Jan and her husband are amazing store owners.  They were generous with samples of their scrumptious homemade confections.  Definitely a memorable stop during our stay in Lauderdale By The Sea.

Laura R.,  Ft. Lauderdale, FL
My boyfriend had a craving for some chocolate so I looked for some good chocolate places.  Our initial thought was to go to Kilwins but we missed the run and saw    a "chocolates" sign so we decided to go there.  Thank God, We  Did.

 This very nice little, older woman helped us and she was so excited about her products and offered so many free samples I don't think I can even eat any of the chocolates and fudge I just bought.   We had good conversations and I genuinely felt welcomed.  Everthing in there was so delicious.  The salted caramel dark chocolate fudge was to die for, and the rocky road fudge blew my mind.

 I will definetely go back and recommend anyone this place to support a local business.

Chiara C.,  Ft Lauderdale, FL 
The best fudge I've ever had!  This place gets it right.  Their fudge is creamy and smoth and has the perfect texture, no easy  task in the FL humidity.  They have many different flavours as well, from the classics to seasonal varieties like watermelon.  I'm partial to the vanilla nut.  The chocolate case has all manner of caramels, creams and nuts all covered in delicious chocolate.  There's even chocolate coated marzipan.  So many choices, so little time.

 There is always a sample plate on the counter.   Try the sea biscuits, wow.  Chocolate dipped caramels had perfect taste and texture.  We also sampled a new  variety, Healthy Bark.  Antioxidant  organic berries and nuts mixed with dark chocolate create a taste like no other, now  that's healthy food.  In closing I will note that I'll go out of my way to stop at Jan's. Its always worth the effort and never disappoints.

Liz L., Miami, FL
This has to be one of the best hidden gems that I've come across!  We initially came to the area to get some donuts from a nearby shop, but they had sold out (very disappointing, but a blessing in disguise).

 My fiance and I had a hankering for some chocolate, and we saw Jan's sign from the street and thought "Oooh, #1 rated chocolate shop in South Florida?'  We didn't hesitate to walk  in, and I am  so glad that we did.

From the moment we walked in, we felt like family.  Jan greeted us with a warm smile and was happy to answer our endless questions about her boundless selections of chocolates.  I couldn't believe the variety - truffles, fudges, and chocolate (milk and Dark) covered everthing - fruit, malt balls, pretzels, oreos, graham crackers, nuts, and so much more.
She had samples of whole truffles out and it was obvious that she really wants her customers to be satisfied with the purchase.  We ended up buying an assortment of dark  chocolate goodies and they were all delicious.  Our favorite was the Berry Healthy Bar (almonds, blueberry, cherry, and acai berries covered in dark chocolate)

The coolest thing?  She makes it all in a kitchen in the back of her shop!  Everything is fresh and handmade by Jan herself.  She gave us a small tour after she told us and saw  the disbelief on our faces lol.   She really enjoys what she does and is an expert at it.  Jan's genuineness great conversation, and of course, her delicious sweets, made our night :)

In summary, I can't recommend this place enough.  Jan's Homemade Candies has been recognized by national magazines and Channel 10 news, but I think Yelpers deserve to know about it too!
(Oh and she does weddings and parties too ;)

Nina S.,   Miami, FL 

I don't write many reviews, but Jan's Homemade Candies is just amazing and deserves a 5 star.  We went in to browse and, just like others have said, I left with an assortment of chocolates.  I actually regret not buying her creamy hazelnut truffle.  Everything I had was decadent and satisfying.   The chocolates she uses just tastes great, and the foods they cover are good as well!  I especially liked the dark chocolate malt balls, I could eat them like luxurious popcorn.

And the icing on top?  Jan is as caring towards her customers as she is to her candies.  We must have spent half an hour in there at least, asking her about how she got started and is so good at it.  Her story and success makes me happy, because she's truly talented and passionate about it.  I love that.   You will too.

C Filippone, Menomonee Falls, Wi
Jan's Candies are absolutely delicious!!  Jan herself is a very caring and kind Person.  She treats every customer with utmost respect (almost like Family).  I have even ordered candies and had them shipped to my home.  THey always arrive like they were made that day  Yum!!!.

Sully2015, McLean Virginia,

Delightful Place!! The owners are wonderful and the candy is the best!  Lots of unique pieces all hand made and delicious.  This is also a perfect spot to pick up something for the folks back home--of course after you treat yourself!  Jan is very gracious and although she has lived in Lauderdale by the Sea for many years, she still has her Midwestern folksiness.

Sulli2cm, Washington, DC  

Cute shop and owners!  You must stop by for excellent and interesting candies as well as a chance to chat with Jan and her husband.  Great stop!!

Anthony S., Miami FL. 
we were referred to use Jan's Homemade Candies and couldn't be happier.  We used her truffles as favors for our wedding.  Everyone raved about the chocolate and Jan provided excellent service.  We highly recommend her for all your sweet needs.

Bumpy6, PA
Stopped to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I'm so glad we did.  We each picked out a couple truffles...Prices are reasonable for homemade deliciousness!!  The owner was very polite.  Everything was fresh and tasted Great!!

Analia G., Staten Island, NY 
A wonderful chocolate candy shop with delicious fare and warm service.  Freebies to taste - but you will want more no matter how many you taste.  Love the marshmallow caramel and all the truffles.  Yum!!!!

Christian P., Scottsdale, AZ 
Jan and her husband make the BEST chocolates and fudge I have ever had in my life...and I've had A LOT of chocolate! :-)  you got to try the black  velvet.

I could tell that they put so much care, love & attention into everything they make.  They even just got written about in Paul Deen's magazine for one of  the  best chocolates in the U.S.

The best part about coming in here is talking to Jan & her husband.  They made us feel so welcome and they gave us free samples of everything we asked about.  I could just feel that they truly love what they do.  You got to check  it out for yourself!

Joey J., Chatham Township, NJ.
Way better fudge and chocolate than the chain around the corner!!  If you like PB and Chocolate, get yourself some frogs!  Can't go wrong here, everything is awesome.

Caribbean_MicEll, Truro, Canada 
Holy Bear Paws!

We just happened to walk by this little shop, and boy, am I glad we did.  First of all the owners were just absolute delights, very friendly and personable.  Secondly, Wow!  What a great  product.  We got bear  paws and some Easter treats for the kids.  Let me tell you that bear paw was amazing! 

Highly recommend anyone in the area to stop in!

Kenna H., Maryland 5
Have not found a candy or chocolate store better than this.  The owner of the store is one of the most loving people I have ever met!  My husband got injured in the war and Mrs Jan sent him several care packages of chocolates and candies after she heard about him and sent enough for his wife too.  :)

We visited her store a year later and it is the cutest store with sooooo many options for goodies!  So colorful with hundreds of things to choose from!  Definitely something for everyone there!!!  I would rate 10 stars!!

Elaine T., Hollywood, FL.
Mouth Watering Chocolates.  Every visit brings delightful flavores to the mouth.  We have been fortunate to visit usually @ holidays to enjoy each special flavor.  Worth the trip.

Diane L.,  
Saw the reviews on Trip Advisor and had to visit.  What a charming little candy shop with exceptionally friendly service.  Samples were given freely.  I am not a chocolate person but my husband is so we purchased a small assortment for him.  He loves them and I loved the service.

Marvelln k, Bethpage, NY
Don't miss this little hidden spot.  Mom  n pop owned exquisite chocolates and delicious fudge.  Scrumptious!!!

Claudia V., Gainesville, FL
This is hands down the best chocolate and candy spot I have ever been to in Florida.  I mean Jan is such a sweet lady, and her and her husband believe in good old fashioned customer service.  

Not only are they knowledgeable but they're also so friendly, and quick to tailor samples for you to appreciate their work best.
I went in on a whim  with some friends today afte spending time at the beach, and I couldn't wait to get home to review this wonderful shop!  

Seriously good sweets, manners, and best of all?  It's local !!

This makes Lauderdale by the sea beach my new  favorite, but I will also be bringing all my firends and any visitors here.  Whether you want fudge, truffles, candies, or chocolates, Jan has got it!  I highly recommend it!

bgrif3fan,  Kansas City, Missouri  
We came for the tasty snacks and ended up visiting with Jan and Bob for longer than we expected.  They are wonderfully sweet peope with a charming shop.  Jan even made some chocolate manatees for our son the next day.  Salted caramel dark  chocolate fudge and tiramisu truffles were our favorites.  We will definitely return here when we're back in Ft. Lauderdale.

Yummy!!! The candy is delicious, fresh and reasonably priced.  I would have never imagined a gourmet chocolate shop in a sleepy beach town.  Jan is a sweetheart and gave us quite a bit to sample.  I purchased a box of 9 candies and a 1/4 lb of watermelon fudge for about $16.00.  The best thing about this little shop is you can buy 1  piece or 100 pieces,  no minimum purchase. 

Amazing Selection and Terrific Owner!  I got there when they opened.  Was greeted by the owner (Jan)!!  Next thing I know an hour had passed!!  Jan was incredible, giving a couple of samples of the fudge (peach highly recommended).  New Peanut Butter and Jelly truly GREAT!!!
Tremendous selection and outstanding owner. This is a WIN for me!!!  Will visit again absolutely!!!

Stacey,  Sunrise, FL    
I love this place! The candy and chocolate are first class and Jan is the most amazing, humble, loving, kind person!  Wouldn't buy my Dark Chocolate anywhere else!

Jessica,  Virginia,  
My boyfriend and I came in last week  while on vacation from Virginia.  Fudge always reminds me of the beach, so my boyfriend did some research and this place surpassed everything he read.  It's been hard for me to resist ordering more now  that I'm home and it's almost all gone!  Jan was the sweetest lady and made us feel at home, especially with her generosity of giving us so many samples.  I didn't taste anything that I didn't like!  Thank  you again for putting your heart into your products!

Todd W.,  
Great Service and Awesome Chocolate.

Shenise Paramore,
Hands down best Candies and Chocolate store in the galaxy!  Not only is the chocolate to die for, the owners are the most kind, loving and generous folks ever.  From the first time I walked in and felt so welcomed and instantly made new forever friends.  Jan and Bob are something special, and I will forever crave her amazing sea salt topped milk chocolate filled with caramel and marshmallow.  OH MY, it out of this world!  A must stop if you are in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea or even Fort Lauderdale.  Its more than worth your time!

Brenda D.,  Fort Lauderdale, FL
Best Fudge Around!  All their fudge is homemade.  There are soo many different flavors it is hard to choose which one to take.  The service is so friendly and exceptional, I don't go anywhere else for fudge.

Garmbalm,  Colorado  
Best candy in town.  Jan was such a treat to visit with!  Best piece of chocolate fudge I have ever had in my mouth.  Right near the beach and a huge selection.  My wife is a chocoholic and rates Jan's as the best.  Must try it!

Kim W.,  Danville, IL 
I have to stop in here year after year.  Handmade candies are so good.  Owners are usually on site and super friendly.

Tracy Wimer, Uhrichsville, OH 
We were walking back to our hotel after dinner on the beach and stopped in Jan's for a peek at what she had to offer.   When you walk in, the smell is absolutely amazing!  Jan greeted us offering samples of different kinds of fudge.  We talked like we had known each other for a while.  We bought several different kinds of fudge and candies.  It was my birthday that night and Jan even gave me a special birthday treat.  Thank you again for being such a wonderful and amazing person....I recommend Jan's tasty, yummy and amazing fudge and candies to everyone!  I will be ordering online in the next couple of months.  Thank you again!   With love from Ohio!

Patthegringo, Lauderdale by the Sea  
Homemade and homegrown.  No better Chocolate than this unless you want to go to Germany and you may find this is right up there with that quality.

Phil Marro,   New York 
A Must go to.  Home made candy, yum.  This place is amazing to the taste.  The woman who owns is just a very nice person.  Worth the trip if you like good candy and chocolate.

Jnycake, Kissimme, FL   Reviewed on Trip Advisor
"Welcoming Candy Store!"  Modest, local candy shop with a wide variety of homemade chocolates.  My husband loved the English toffee and the chocolate covered macadamia nuts were tasty.  Owner was friendly and genuine.  Would visit again.

Bluestang2013, Fort Lauderdale     Reviewed on Trip Advisor
Fabulous Candy!!!   This is a wonderful place!  So many different kinds of chocald and candy and all of them absolutely fantastic!!I I would definitely recommend a visit if you are in the area!

Catherine H.,  Reviewed on Trip Advisor
I love to support small business and Jan does an amazing job.  Attentive and friendly.  Pride in ownership.  Wonderful handmade chocolates.

Minneapolis, MN   Reviewed on Trip Advisor
Sweetest Owners!!!   Stopped by and Jan offered me multiple samples!  Then she brought me into their kitchen to see where the candy is made.  She also introduced me to her husband.  The 2 of them make everything in this small kitchen.  Just the warmest most gracious owners I've ever met.  Chocolate covered animal creackers, carrot cake fudge, and chocolate peanut butter fudge were all delicious.  Stop by, you won't be disappointed.

Bill F.  Fort Lauderdale, FL
Hi Jan...Bill here from this afternoon (Tuesday).  It was a pleasure meeting you and your husband today...An equal pleasure enjoying your chocolates and your very special shoppe.  I wanted to let you know, our wonderful neighbors below, from Indiana, Judy and the 4 kids absolutely loved our gift to them of your marvelous chocolates...Their eyes lit up, the Frogs were a bit hit...You can be sure, when they are here, I wil be getting them your awesome treats for sure.  Thank you so much once again.  Be seeing you soon after I get back from traveling...We also enjoyed the fudge and the potato chip bark...A very special treat...Nope, not one pretzel left either.  Best wishes...Bill